Chopin’s teachings translated into biomechanical animations bring new anatomical references to learn or improve piano playing. And this is good for anyone at any stage: beginners, concert pianists, teachers, maestros, etc. Our purpose is to help in bringing Chopin’s technical ideas to a wider audience. We are an independent educational creator. Reseacher and content creator is Dr. Claudio Saavedra.

Claudio obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Dartmouth College (USA) and did his post-doctorate work at University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a classical pianist.

Recordings, production consultancy and video formatting was performed by Vafilmica, (@vafilmica), Valparaíso, Chile.

蕭邦的教導被翻譯成生物力學動畫,為學習或改進鋼琴演奏帶來了全新的解剖學參考。這對學習彈奏鋼琴任何階段的,都有好處:初學者、音樂會鋼琴家、教師、大師等。我們的目的,是幫助將蕭邦的技術理念,帶給更廣泛的聽眾。我們是獨立的教育工作者。而這段影片的研究學者兼影片主持人是 Claudio Saavedra 博士。
錄音、製作諮詢和影片製作是由智利瓦爾帕萊索的 Vafilmica (@vafilmica) 包辦的。

1. Introduction
1. 導論

2. Posture at the Piano
2. 彈奏鋼琴的姿勢

3. The Piano Hand
3. 彈奏鋼琴的手部動作

4. The Fingers
4. 彈奏鋼琴的手指

5. Piano Technology
5. 鋼琴科技

6. Sitting & Posture at the Piano
6. 彈奏鋼琴的坐姿與彈奏姿勢