Why are so many fans following Keung To?
The Reason behind Keung To’s Success in Pop Music World

Here is an interesting explanation and the analysis of the success of Keung To.

If you want to become more beautiful in the other’s eyes, form the groups to perform immediately!


Here is an interesting explanation and the analysis of “Cheerleader effect” on the popularity of the local singing group, Mirror.

Yo-Yo Ma Answers Cello Questions From Twitter

The worldwide famous celloist, Yo-yo Ma answers the Cello Questions from Twitter.
世界知名的大提琴家:馬友友,在YouTube Channel親自解答Twitter網友關於大提琴演奏的問題。

The Music Code: Dies Irae

The musical theme, Dies Irae is hidden in our culture through the media…

Falsetto vs. High Vocal Register
假音 vs. 高音域歌唱

This video shows us different understanding of falsetto and high vocal range in both classical music and pop music with a lot of music examples for the explanations.

The chord that makes Christmas music sound so Christmassy

If you walk around a shopping mall, turn on the radio, or go to a coffee shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’re going to hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” It’s one of the only Christmas songs written in the last 20 or so years that has reached the same popularity as the American Christmas standards that came before it.

Besides those recognizable sleigh bells, what makes Mariah Carey’s song sound like a classic? Adam Ragusea, a journalism professor at Mercer University, believes it’s all in the chords. He wrote for Slate: I count at least 13 distinct chords at work in “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” resulting in a sumptuously chromatic melody. The song also includes what I consider the most Christmassy chord of all—a minor subdominant, or “iv,” chord with an added 6, under the words “underneath the Christmas tree,” among other places. (You might also analyze it as a half-diminished “ii” 7th chord, but either interpretation seems accurate.)

如果你在感恩節和聖誕節之間,在商場走走、打開收音機或去咖啡店,你會聽到瑪麗亞・嘉兒的「聖誕節我只想要你」。這是過去 20 年左右編寫的僅有的幾首聖誕歌曲之一,其流行程度與之前的美國聖誕歌曲相同。
除了那些可識別的雪橇鈴鐺,是什麼讓瑪麗亞・嘉兒的歌曲聽起來像經典?默瑟大學新聞學教授亞當・拉古西 (Adam Ragusea) 認為這一切都在和弦之中。他為 Slate 寫道:我在聖誕歌曲「聖誕節我想要的只是你」中,計算了至少 13 個不同的和弦,從而產生了華麗的半音旋律。這首歌還包括了我認為最有聖誕氣息的和弦——一個小調的下屬或“iv”和弦,在「聖誕樹下」等詞下加了一個 6。 (您也可以將其分析為減半的“ii”七和弦,但任何一種解釋似乎都是準確的。)