Remember What You Read 閱讀過目不忘之道


How I Remember Everything I Read

Hey friends, in this video I’ll be going over my entire system of taking smart book notes for the purpose of remembering and applying everything we read.

How I Read 100 Books a Year – 8 Tips for Reading More

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0:00:29 – Buy a Kindle
0:01:13 – Change your mindset
0:02:11 – Screw the classics
0:03:36 – Skimming is good
0:04:48 – Build a routine
0:06:09 – Audiobooks are amazing
0:07:32 – Goodreads is amazing
0:08:49 – Readwise is amazing

1. Recommended Tech for Students (2019) –
2. 3 Books That Changed My Life –
3. My favourite fantasy books –
4. My Goodreads profile –
5. Readwise –

Comparisons of Reading Tools

iPad vs Kindle for Reading Books

Hey friends, in this video I attempt to answer the age-old question of whether you should read books on an iPad or on a Kindle. The short answer – Kindle. The long answer – watch the video 🙂 Enjoy!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite –

My video on Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite –

Bad Blood – Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (John Carreyrou) –

Amazon Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite –
Kindle (2019) –

In this video, we’re taking a quick look at Amazon’s latest Kindle (2019) and comparing it to the 2018 Kindle Paperwhite. As I say right at the start, it’s no contest – if you’re in the market for a Kindle, you should get the Paperwhite and totally ignore the Kindle. Enjoy!

Book Sharing 閱讀分享


What Makes People Successful?

In the first episode of Book Club – a series where we take an in-depth look at a particular book every fortnight – we’re talking about The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba. We look at the equation for success, the MILES framework for identifying our Unfair Advantages, the value of understanding our Unfair Advantages, how everyone has their own Unfair Advantages and the importance of a reality-growth mindset running throughout it all. Enjoy!

📚 The Unfair Advantage (on Amazon) –

To see the full interview with Hasan about success on Nebula, grab a 30-day free trial of CuriosityStream – and use the code ALI at checkout to get access to Nebula for free.

0:45 The Success Equation
02:30 The MILES Framework
07:45 What’s the value of understanding Unfair Advantages?
08:20 What if people don’t think they have any Unfair Advantages?
09:50 The Importance of Mindset

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results – Atomic Habits by James Clear

In this episode of Book Club we’re talking about Atomic Habits by James Clear. We look at the power of 1% change, the importance of adopting better systems rather than setting goals, the need to focus on identity rather than outcomes and, ultimately, how to build better habits through the 4 laws of behavioural change. Enjoy!

📚 Atomic Habits by James Clear-

📕 Book Club Episode 1 – What Makes People Successful?…

01:20 – Why does 1% matter?
03:08 – The Importance of Systems Rather Than Goals
05:10 – Identity Change is the North Star of Habit Change
06:30 – How to Build A Habit
06:50 – The 4 Laws of Behaviour Change

My Favourite Productivity Book

In this episode of book club we’re talking about Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. We look at the factors making life busier, the 4 part framework proposed in the book as well as some of the tactics that they suggest we can use to help us make time for what matters in our lives. Enjoy!

01:10 Why is life so busy?
02:56 The Four Part Framework
03:50 Step 1 – Highlight
05:20 Step 2 – Laser
08:28 Step 3 – Energise
10:45 Step 4 – Reflect

📚Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky –

The Happiness Advantage (Shawn Achor) – Book Summary

In this episode of book club we’re talking about The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. We look at why society has the equation of success and happiness the wrong way around as well as the key principles that Shawn has identified as key to fuelling success and performance in our personal and professional lives.

📚 The Happiness Advantage –

00:00 Intro
00:53 The Happiness Advantage
02:23 The Fulcrum and the Lever
03:28 The Tetris Effect
05:10 Falling Up
05:45 The Social Support Network
06:38 Ending
07:18 A Bit Extra…

What REALLY motivates us?

In this episode of book club we’re looking at The Elephant in the Brain by Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson which shines a light on the hidden motives of everyday life. We look at the theory behind the elephant, why we all secretly hide our true motives and how these motives play out in everyday life.

📚 The Elephant in the Brain –

00:00 Intro
00:52 The Elephant in the Brain Thesis
02:10 Why We Hide Our True Motives
07:46 The Hidden Motives of Everyday Life

The Book That Changed My Relationship With Money

In this episode of book club we’re looking at Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin which looks at how we can transform our relationship with money, work and our lives. It has been a best selling book for nearly 3 decades and in this video we look at a couple of the key themes including how we should define work, what is ‘enough’ and why we should equate money with life energy.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Redefining Work
01:58 What is enough
03:24 Money = Life Energy
05:08 Three Key Questions About Life Energy

How to see opportunities in EVERYTHING // The Obstacle is the Way

In this episode of book club we’re looking at the best selling book The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday which looks at how we use the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism to help us turn adversity to our advantage. In the video, we look at the three key areas that Ryan identifies as key to this process – Perception, Action and Will – and discuss some examples of people who have successfully overcome adversity by leveraging the hidden benefits of obstacles to their advantage.

00:00 Intro
01:00 Perception
03:00 Action
06:10 Will


📕Book Club Episode 1 – What Makes People Successful? –
📚The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba –

📘Book Club Episode 2 – Tiny Changes Remarkable Results –
📚Atomic Habits by James Clear –

📙Book Club Episode 3 – My Favourite Productivity Book –
📚Make Time by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky –

📗 Book Club Episode 4 – Why Motivation is a Myth –
📚 The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden –

📘Book Club Episode 5 – Grit –
📚 Grit by Angela Duckworth –

📕Book Club Episode 6 – The Happiness Advantage –
📚 The Happiness Advantage –

Book Club Episode 7 – The Elephant in the Brain –
📚 The Elephant in the Brain –

Book Club Episode 8 – Your Money or Your Life –
📚 Your Money or Your Life –