Teacher Andy is a piano professor at the Hamburg School for Music and Theatre (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg). He introduces the famous piano pieces and provides some tips for the performances. He shares his views and experiences to let everyone enjoy the wonderful music.


Singing Soul is a YouTube channel to analyze the vocal techniques of Cantopop. Focus on how to create the subtle tone colour with the voice, the vocal tutor, Calvin sir would demonstrate and criticise the performance of Cantopop singers. He would explain and suggest some vocal exercises for those interested in pop singing.
Niko Kotoulas started playing piano at the age of two and has never stopped. Within a few years of publically releasing music, the Greek-American and New York-based pianist, producer and educator has quietly generated over 50 million streams with support from The Chainsmokers, Lauv, Swedish House Mafia and countless artists. His music has been played on TV channels including NBC and ESPN. Niko also runs PianoForProducers.com, an e-learning platform teaching music producers piano fundamentals.
Hayato Sumino (角野隼斗 born July 14, 1995), also known as Cateen (かてぃん), is a Japanese musician (a pianist / a YouTuber). He is qualified to be one of the competitors of The 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition the third Stage, what only 23 competitors are selected from all over the world in this stage.

The Chopin Method

Chopin’s teachings translated into biomechanical animations bring new anatomical references to learn or improve piano playing. And this is good for anyone at any stage: beginners, concert pianists, teachers, maestros, etc. Our purpose is to help in bringing Chopin’s technical ideas to a wider audience. We are an independent educational creator. Reseacher and content creator is Dr. Claudio Saavedra. Claudio obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Dartmouth College (USA) and did his post-doctorate work at University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a classical pianist.

蕭邦的教導被翻譯成生物力學動畫,為學習或改進鋼琴演奏帶來了全新的解剖學參考。這對學習彈奏鋼琴任何階段的,都有好處:初學者、音樂會鋼琴家、教師、大師等。我們的目的,是幫助將蕭邦的技術理念,帶給更廣泛的聽眾。我們是獨立的教育工作者。而這段影片的研究學者兼影片主持人是 Claudio Saavedra 博士。